Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are You on Track

When I was young I had an HO guage trainset. I loved playing with my train and had a whole city set up and the train ran in and out through the city. If I ran the train too fast, it jumped off the track. And sometimes I was running to train at the proper speed but it jumped the track because two pieces of the track had gotten separated. For the train to work right, it had to stay on track.
It is the same way with us and our faith. For us to feel the joy and know the peace of life in Christ, we need to stay connected to God's plan and purpose for us. Proverbs 3:5 reminds us to put our full trust in the Lord and not lean on our own understanding, and the Lord will make our paths straight. Sometimes we know what we want to do and we just do it before we even consider what God might have us do. And when we get going that fast, we often find ourselves off track and we wonder why God has abandoned us. Sometimes we tune in and have an idea what God wants us to do, but in the midst of trying to follow what God wants of us, we sometimes have an idea to improve on what God has asked, so we disconnect from God and set our own course. And when we do, we find ourselves getting off track and again we wonder why God abandoned us.
Several times in the past week I have been involved in conversations with folks who have said "I want to do this or I want to do that." In each instance, I have said I understand want you want to do, but the question in my mind is what does God want. We need to listen for God's direction, trust in his plan, and the obey with unquestioning loyalty. And when we do that, God will make our paths straight and we will experience the joy and peace of the life offered in Christ. So, stay on track. Listen for God's direction. Put your full trust in God and trust with your whole heart. And follow God's plan with sincere commitment and obey God with unquestioned loyalty.

Blessing for the journey --


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