Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do You know the Joy?

I was recently asked about the joy that God brings to our lives and how you know you have it. It seems to me that it is obvious when you have it and I know it comes from opening yourself to a relationship with God and with opening yourself to being a vesel of God's love. I see that joy often. I see it when I see folks like Earl Kemper and Mike Jamison working together on a project for the church. I see it in our youth as they do things like the 30 hour famine. And this past Sunday I saw it in Rosanne Williamson and Gayle Ferrell when they unveiled two new sets of paraments they had made for the sanctuary. That joy carries with it an energy that just makes you glow. If you have not discovered that joy or have not felt it in a while, open your heart and share your gifts and see how that works for you. Lent may be a season of introspection and denial but even in those two actions there can be joy. I pray you will seek it.

Blessings for the journey!


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