Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awesomeness of God

There is a popular contemporary worship song titled "Awesome God". It is a fun song and it is a great thought. But as much as we might like to sing it and as much as we know that God is awesome, I think as we go through the routine of each day, the awesomeness of God escapes us. I was reminded of this during our Sunday school class this week, during the Disciple class last night, and today during our devotional time.
The wonder of creation with its intricacies and majestic nature is awesome in and of itself, but to think that God created all of it is just beyond my comprehension. Even people who do not believe in God are awed by the miraculous nature of the known universe.
Our devotion today suggested that we try the following exercise when God's awesomeness escapes us. Contemplate the vastness of this creation; then contemplate the amazing details of it; then consider all the things God has done in redemptive history and also in your life. Then realize the awesome truth: The God of all that power, who has done all those things, and who continues to sustain it all, is the God who is watching over you.
Our God is an awesome God!

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  1. The awesomeness of God is easy for me to see in a sunset, children's faces, my family's laughter and His trees. I love God's trees. And yes, there are so many more things I could list. As chaotic as I make my "routine" day, I do see the physical evidence of God's wondrous work everywhere I go.
    It's only recently that I am recognizing how awesome He is in the situations of life. I'm finally recognizing that the situations I find myself in, are the situations that God knows I need more tutoring in. The only way to handle the situations are His way. God, thank you for the signs, the love and patience. God's not finished with me yet, but at least I am paying attention finally.