Monday, March 12, 2012

Faith -- It is not an occasional sprint, it is a marathon!

If you were going to run a marathon, would you show up on race day without ever having run a race or practicing? If you did, you would not do very well in the marathon. If you were on a sports team, how well to you think you team would do without practicing? If we want to hone our skills in anything, we need to practice. That is the way it is with our relationship with God and with discipleship as well.

Casually working at something or trying to fit it in after all the other things of life are done is not going to get us very far. The Christian life is meant to be something that is practiced, something we dedicate ourselves to, it is something that demands our attention and our focus. Spiritual growth, discipleship, and our relationship with God does not happen by accident. Gotta stop now it is devotional time.

Blessings for the journey!


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