Thursday, March 29, 2012

What ya gonna do about it?

          I remember when I was young and learning how to play sports.  Often I would struggle to do things well and get frustrated.  Then my dad would ask me what I was going to do about it?  Was I going to quit, or was I going to work at it and try to get better?  He would always ask if I had done my best.  I hated that question because often I had not practiced like I should have so how could I ever say I had done my best.  And if I said I had not done my best, I knew I had let him down (and I had let myself down even though I did not want to admit it.) and I knew I ought to do something about it.  I ought to try again and do my best.

          Recently we watched the movie Courageous at church.  And I have heard that the response of some of our dads was: "I guess I am not such a hot dad."  Well, in the words of my dad adjusted for the times, "What ya gonna do about it?"
          It is easy to realize you have not done well at something and mope or quit.  But it takes a little something extra to realize you have not done your best and commit to doing better.  At one time, I did not think I had been much of a dad and I decided to do something about it.  I believe I got better at it and think I am seeing some of the fruit of my labors and my love in the young women my daughters are becoming.

          In the words of a TV fitness instructor: "You can do it!"  The question is:  will you choose to?

Blessing for the journey --


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