Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Invitation to Share

This is the first post in what I hope will be a new sharing ministry of Bethel Church.  My intent will be to post thoughts several times a week (some about what is going on and some about thoughts from some of our studies) that might help us to share, grow in faith, and help one another as we move ahead in our faith journey.  My hope is that you will engage in the conversation to get your questions answered and to help us connect more closely with one another.

At convocation last week, one of the ideas that captured my attention was the idea of being consumers or citizens.  Consumers are people who take advantage of what is going on around them for what they can get out of it.  Citizens are a part of what is going on around them and do thier best to contribute.  That is exactly what we are trying to foster at Bethel, a citizenship mentality where people engage by using their gifts to live their faith as a part of the body of Christ, Bethel.

So if you find yourself being invited into something new, give it a try.  As you do, you will engage in ministry, get connected with others, and share in the life of joyful obedience.  Worried about burn out?  Nobody is going to ask you to do everything and those who do are the ones who burn out.  If you are using the gifts God gave you and not tring to be the energizer bunny for God, you are giong to find a new life.

Often what will be asked of you will make no earthly sense but that often happens with God.  But sometimes we wait for the right time or for things to make earthly sense and in the meantime, we are no earthly good.

Come join in ministry and conversation.  Tomorrow's topic -- why did God "harden" Pharoah's heart?  Got another topic you are interested in, just let em know.

Have a blessed day -- Marty


  1. So excited to see this blog get started, and excited to see where it will go!

  2. A! I'm excited to be only the second person to post a comment! When you say "Nobody is going to ask you to do everything" it reminds me of the comment "God will never give you more than you can handle". I think there are people (like me maybe:) that might indeed ask you you do too much. But I'd suggest that if you feel like you're doing "too much", it might indicate that you're trying to do a lot of good things for the wrong reasons.

    For me it's a painful process where I get burned out doing lots of things that I believe are good - and then I'm reenergized when I find myself doing God's will. In that moment I feel that I finally uderstand, and then I'm afraid that I start that process over again.

  3. We're #3! We're #3! (I hope) This is a whole new world for me.
    Do some of us do too much??? I think I'll go ponder that as I shovel snow!
    Stay safe and warm!

  4. This is exciting! It gives us some good thoughts to consider - not only from Pastor Marty but from one another. I believe it is indeed important for us to recognize and use our own gifts; and, perhaps it's equally important for us to help and encourage others in our church family to do the same. Sometimes an invitation to serve, along with the reason we think that person would do a good job, is all it takes for them to engage - and become a part of our church, the body of Christ. At times when I've felt a little burned out, I've realized that I do need to nurture myself a bit more. But, mostly I realize that I have drifted from keeping God at the center of my life. He remained constant; I moved!